Nov 042009

Since I began running this blog, I always wanted to use extjs in conjunction with wordpress.  From the beginning I used extjswordpress, but recently the author, W.Regenczuk, has made major changes.

Quote from ExtizeMe

ExtizeMe, is a WordPress theme written mostly in JavaScript. Layout, behavior and look&feel are made with Ext Js Library ( What makes ExtizeMe there different from other themes is:

  • Accordion sidebar;
  • Tab browsing;
  • Post zooming;
  • Live search;
  • Picture preview;
  • ExtJs skins;

At the moment I’m trying to adjust ExtizeMe to fit my needs. E.g: same layout with sidepanels, tabs, etc. So don’t be surprised if you happen to see some funky things 🙂

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  1. Good luck with that, i’m not seeing anything funky atm 😉

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