Mankind always had a struggle for maintaining his material, whether it is mechanical or solid.

If broken, there are a few options:

  • threw it away
  • buy a new one
  • fix it
  • And fixing it according to “There, I Fixed It”
    Quote from their About:

    There are as many sources for the word Kludge as there are jury-rigged mailboxes in the mobile home parks of America. Whether the source of the word is Gaelic, German, or Naval Acronym, we know them when we see them, and on this web site, we celebrate these iconic images of mankind’s eternal struggle to hammer square pegs into round holes (with duct tape.)

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    1. at 12:20Sorry, I cannot help you much; only suggtseions I have are to double-check connections and that USB lines are connected to the correct pins, and maybe make sure that your ATmega is definitely running at the 16.5 MHz (fuses should be updated with AVRdude to allow this).As an additional tip, if electrical connections are correct, Windows should play the bell sound when device is connected, even if the firmware has some issues. If you don’t get that, it’s likely some connector / pullup / etc. issue. Also, zeners connected the wrong way or too heavy zeners may cause issues. That’s about all I can think of.Dimitar Ivanov says:May 13, 2012 at 14:06All connection are fine , all components are in there place.Am hearing a beep sound from my pc,and I am hearing it twice,because the device connect show error 43 and then disconnect

    2. Roger Moore so owned this role that anyone else was, and will be, a pale imitation. Sanders was also enjoyable to a much lesser degree. A local TV station reruns the show 5 nights a week and I find myself glued to the set if it's on.

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