It seems a busy weekend for some sites.  On saturday 22th of August 2009 was Fok hacked by Hacker ‘GrayHatHacks’, with the help of  ‘sql injections‘. Followed by a ddos-attack.

Around 22:10 today came tweakers under a ddos-attack. Although down for a few moments, is still managing  to block the attack , with an average of 30K packets per second.

Interesting to know that is still down, but that can handle a significant ddos. (At 22:40 a total of 20M packets were blocked since 22:35)

Someone is pissed at the Netherlands, #fok & #tweakers are getting #DDOS
paxlie   Aug 23   22:24

ddos-aanval op #tweakers succesvol geweerd door sysadmins. Al 20M packets geblocked sinds 22.35 uur
tweakers   Aug 23   22:40

At least #tweakers knows how to deal with a ddos. Pay attention #fok!, this is how it’s done.
_bauke_   Aug 23   22:46

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