File In Use or Folder In Use

The operation can’t be completed because the file/folder is open in another program.
Close the file/folder and try again

One of the most annoying experience when using Windows is the message above. When a file is in use or accessed by a running program, or a folder that contains a file that’s been accessed, opened, written or used by other user or program, Windows will fail to delete or remove the file or folder with this error message.

One way to resolve this is by:
– Open a CMD window
– Close the explorer.exe process
– Navigate to the file/folder location and delete it

However, this doesn’t always work, because another program could be responsible for the “file-lock”.

Another and perhaps easier way is by the use of LockHunter.
It is a free tool to delete or/and unlock files blocked by something you do not know, by simply right-clicking on the desired item.

We can choose to unlock it, or delete it. Other options are “Close locking processes” and “Delete locking processes from disk

Key Features

  1. Shows processes locking a file or folder
  2. Allows to unlock, delete, copy or rename a locked file
  3. Allows to kill locking process
  4. Allows to remove locking processes from hard drive
  5. Integrates in to Explorer menu
  6. It deletes files into the recycle bin, so you may restore them if deleted by mistake
  7. Supports both 32 and 64bit Windows

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  1. Wow very nice, could be usefull someday. I always wonder what the heck is locking my files :p

  2. I’m curiadous to find out what blog sysadtem you’re workading with? I’m expeadriadencading some small secuadrity issues with my latadest webadsite and I would like to find someadthing more sercue. Do you have any suggestions?

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